Having Peace Like a River

by 1 day ago

The peace of God is that which flows like a river; in that it is unending, refreshing, and life-giving. Paul calls us to "not be anxious about anything"...


From Drug Cartel to Christ: Héctor’s Testimony

by 4 days ago

Out of that group in the cartel that I was in, there are only two of us that are alive today, everybody else is dead. I'm standing here before you talking...


Praising God For Our Adoption

by 1 week ago

In expressing to you the doctrine of adoption, we realize that somebody can be adopted and not really recognize what that is. Being adopted is one thing, but recognizing you are adopted is...


Appreciating Our Adoption

by 1 week ago

Many Reformed theologians consider adoption to be the very highest privilege that the Gospel offers. Yet, it seems that the church has historically neglected this doctrine...


God’s Kindness to Crippled Men

by 1 week ago

Think of it, crippled Mephibosheth, he is probably being brought before David on a cart or carried in by others to the king's chamber.


How Do You Respond to Personal Slander?

by 2 weeks ago

The psalmist finds himself in a position we all commonly share at times. He is being slandered. His words and actions have been misrepresented and his character maligned.


God’s Unlimited Resources for the Believer’s Holiness

by 2 weeks ago

How can we pray that with confidence? Because God's unlimited resources are available for the believer's holiness and conformity to Jesus Christ.


Chosen to Stand Before God

by 3 weeks ago

Man lost the greatest of all his privileges: beholding the face of God. Man’s sin hid the greatest Treasure of all from us. Man has been put out of...


Christian Government

by 3 weeks ago

Christian Government can properly be applied to only one thing: Church government, government among a body of people that are distinctly Christian.


Children: Do You Know The Gospel?

by 3 weeks ago

Children, I wonder if you know what the Gospel is? The Gospel. I hope that one thing we will be able to leave you is that when we talk about the Gospel...


Keeping Jesus the Center of All Things

by 3 weeks ago

The only safe way to live the Christian life is to be centered on Jesus and overflowing with gratitude. Those are two big safeguards in the Christian life; two ways to test ourselves...


Ask and You Shall Receive

by 1 year ago

Jesus says, "I say to you, Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened." What a promise!


Explain the Book of Acts: God Came!

by 1 year ago

How do we explain what happened in the book of Acts? Or in the biographies of those from the past like George Whitefield?


God Has Made Promises to Us

by 1 year ago

God has made promises to us and He who has made them always fulfills those promises. Now here is the question...


Testify of the Facts of Jesus Christ

by 1 year ago

The Bible calls us to testify of the facts of Jesus Christ, who is the eternal Word of God, who took on flesh...


Men Who Turned the World Upside Down

by 1 year ago

As the disciples spoke, God came in power, and they were called by the crowds as those who turned the world upside down.


Inheriting the Promises

by 1 year ago

May we by faith and patience be those who are inheriting the promises that God has given to us.


Traits of a True Christian

by 1 year ago

What is a true Christian? Someone who has been brought to the end of himself in repentance; and if someone is genuinely looking to Christ this shows that they have repented of their sins.


The Carnal Christian Reconsidered

by 1 year ago

In this sermon Ryan reconsiders what the Bible teaches us on what has been commonly called the 'carnal Christian'.