Why Cain Was Rejected and Abel Accepted

by 8 hours ago

You either try to come in the way of Cain and will be rejected or you come by the way of Abel and will be accepted.

The Holy Spirit in the Life of the Man Jesus

by 2 days ago

In this sermon Mack looks at the much forgotten humanity of Jesus Christ...

What Do You Think of Christ?

by 1 week ago

Asking someone what they think about Jesus Christ is one of the most telling questions you can ask...

Christian, Are You Refusing God?

by 1 week ago

Refusing God is not always an outright defiance like Pharaoh saying "Who is the Lord that I should obey Him?"

2014 Fellowship Conference Livestream

by 2 weeks ago

We are looking forward to a special weekend of meetings and fellowship together at the 2014 Fellowship Conference in Denton, Texas.

Two Mountains: Mt. Zion & Mt. Sinai

by 2 weeks ago

Mt. Sinai says "Do this and you will live." Yet Mt. Zion shouts "It is finished!"

Behold Your God

by 2 weeks ago

God is big, real big, as big as you imagine a god ought to be, and then infinitely more. God is God.

God is Sovereign and Man is Responsible

by 2 weeks ago

If men don't come to Christ, their inability to not come is that they love their idols more.

What Really Ministers to Loneliness?

by 3 weeks ago

Someone's bodily presence does not necessarily make loneliness go away. Rather it is...

The Sinfulness of Unbelief

by 3 weeks ago

Unbelief is a sin and it's never presented in the Bible as something innocent.