God’s Will vs. Your Will

by 2 days ago

If in your heart you're not truly sold out to God's will, you are going to misinterpret your will as if it's God's will.


My Wife is Giving Money to People Who Ask

by 4 days ago

Give to everyone who begs from you, and from one who takes away your goods do not demand them back.


God’s Love for a Little Jungle Pastor

by 1 week ago

Paul shares a powerful story of how God in His providence allowed him to be able to help a poor pastor. The incredible thing to realize about the love of God...


Don’t Turn Faith or Confessing Into a Work

by 1 week ago

The error is common, though subtle, of thinking one’s believing or confessing Christ contributes towards being right with God.


Discerning the Voice of the Lord

by 2 weeks ago

We are often asked, "How can I tell whether it is God speaking to me or the devil." Now anyone who tells you it is easy is a novice. It is not easy because the enemy is subtle...


Fear: Should I Ride the Roller Coaster?

by 2 weeks ago

What is Revelation 21:8 talking about when it says the fearful will not inherit the kingdom? Does this mean I have to ride the roller coaster that I am afraid of?


Great is the Mystery of Godliness

by 2 weeks ago

It can only be known if it is revealed by God. The mystery of godliness is the mystery of Christ. It's a mystery that man could have never thought of.


Do Not Love the World!

by 3 weeks ago

What does it mean to "love the World", or the things of the world? Paul Washer speaks candidly on this subject that is sometimes taken to an extreme.


The Christian Life is One of Death to Self

by 3 weeks ago

The roots of our hearts have grown down into things, and we dare not pull up one rootlet lest we die. Things have become necessary to us...


The Narrow Way to Life

by 3 weeks ago

Yet on the narrow way to life one is bound to Jesus Christ and reliant on Him. There are going to be such powers that are going to resist you in this world...


Life Transformation Will Always Accompany Forgiveness

by 4 weeks ago

Life transformation will always accompany the forgiveness of our sins. Always. When God declares the sinner righteous, legally they're forgiven; it always accompanies...


Ask and You Shall Receive

by 7 months ago

Jesus says, "I say to you, Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened." What a promise!


Explain the Book of Acts: God Came!

by 8 months ago

How do we explain what happened in the book of Acts? Or in the biographies of those from the past like George Whitefield?


God Has Made Promises to Us

by 9 months ago

God has made promises to us and He who has made them always fulfills those promises. Now here is the question...


Testify of the Facts of Jesus Christ

by 9 months ago

The Bible calls us to testify of the facts of Jesus Christ, who is the eternal Word of God, who took on flesh...


Men Who Turned the World Upside Down

by 9 months ago

As the disciples spoke, God came in power, and they were called by the crowds as those who turned the world upside down.


Inheriting the Promises

by 9 months ago

May we by faith and patience be those who are inheriting the promises that God has given to us.


Traits of a True Christian

by 9 months ago

What is a true Christian? Someone who has been brought to the end of himself in repentance; and if someone is genuinely looking to Christ this shows that they have repented of their sins.


The Carnal Christian Reconsidered

by 10 months ago

In this sermon Ryan reconsiders what the Bible teaches us on what has been commonly called the 'carnal Christian'.