Daniel’s 70 Weeks (Part 11)

by 4 hours ago

The last four verses of Daniel 9 are rich with prophecy concerning the great atoning work of our Lord Jesus Christ. Many try to find the anti-Christ in these verses, but it is Christ we need to look for here.


Teachings of Jesus

by 1 day ago

The multitudes were amazed at His teaching; for He was teaching them as one having authority, and not as their scribes.


The Impossible – Fellowship Conference New England

by 5 days ago

Beloved, we have every reason to ask God for the impossible. To save those to whom it appears impossible to be saved. To send revival to places where it seems hardened beyond hope.


Remembering a Friend, Mike Morrow

by 5 days ago

We should make time to spend with those we love. It is a great lesson to learn and a great truth to realize, that life is not meant to be lived by rushing from one responsibility to another...


Tardiness: Is Being Habitually Late Sinful?

by 1 week ago

Is habitual tardiness a sin? If so, how should Christians be living their lives in light of this sin being so overlooked and tolerated as normal in our society and even in some of our churches?


The Truth of the Roman Catholic Church

by 1 week ago

If I trust in Christ's finished work, in His once and for all sacrifice, and that justifies me in the sight of God; then there is no place for purgatory whatsoever. The Catholic teaching...


I Feel Like I’m Spiritually Dying

by 2 weeks ago

We need to be aware of how God presents Himself in Scripture, because sometimes during evangelism the person will describe that "the Lord is not saving me."


What Christian Books to Read? No Perfect Author

by 2 weeks ago

We have to evaluate the books that we read and consider the author's viewpoint and whether or not it is consistent with the Scriptures. However, we must never get...


Forgiving Others

by 2 weeks ago

Jesus' teaching on the absolute necessity of forgiveness towards others. Matthew 18:21-35


Funeral Service for Michael G. Morrow

by 3 weeks ago

At Mike's funeral service, Rob Pelkey, Michael Durham, Benjamin Morrow, and Paul Washer, remember him and his legacy; and above all, remember the Lord Jesus Christ whom he so loved.


Listen to Jesus, But Not Paul?

by 3 weeks ago

Sadly many "evangelicals" are uncertain if Christ and Paul are on the same page, and in this message Tim refutes this idea and shows that they clearly are on the same page.


Ask and You Shall Receive

by 10 months ago

Jesus says, "I say to you, Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find; knock and it shall be opened." What a promise!


Explain the Book of Acts: God Came!

by 1 year ago

How do we explain what happened in the book of Acts? Or in the biographies of those from the past like George Whitefield?


God Has Made Promises to Us

by 1 year ago

God has made promises to us and He who has made them always fulfills those promises. Now here is the question...


Testify of the Facts of Jesus Christ

by 1 year ago

The Bible calls us to testify of the facts of Jesus Christ, who is the eternal Word of God, who took on flesh...


Men Who Turned the World Upside Down

by 1 year ago

As the disciples spoke, God came in power, and they were called by the crowds as those who turned the world upside down.


Inheriting the Promises

by 1 year ago

May we by faith and patience be those who are inheriting the promises that God has given to us.


Traits of a True Christian

by 1 year ago

What is a true Christian? Someone who has been brought to the end of himself in repentance; and if someone is genuinely looking to Christ this shows that they have repented of their sins.


The Carnal Christian Reconsidered

by 1 year ago

In this sermon Ryan reconsiders what the Bible teaches us on what has been commonly called the 'carnal Christian'.