Feeling Guilty When Failing To Share the Gospel?

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How should I, as a believer, respond to the sense of guilt I feel when I’ve failed to preach the Gospel to someone due to fear?

00:00 – Question: Should I feel guilty when I fail to evangelize?
00:18 – Jeremy Walker’s response.
03:09 – Follow-up question and reference to D.L. Moody.
04:00 – Jeremy’s response to the follow-up question and a reference to Archibald Alexander’s method of evangelism.
05:31 – Tim Conway shares some thoughts on evangelism.
06:57 – Ryan Clarke adds some thoughts.
08:15 – Geoff Thomas adds to the discussion.
09:34 – Mack Tomlinson: Do you pray for divine appointments?
14:49 – Tim: Not everyone is designed for every situation; use the opportunity you have.
17:08 – Mack Tomlinson: How do you build bridges in your relationships?
18:31 – Jeremy Walker gets practical.
19:56 – Geoff Thomas speaks about evangelizing on a plane.