Lessons from 50 Years of Pastoral Ministry

Pastoral ministry is a very difficult calling. In this interview, Geoff Thomas gives some practical helps and lessons from his 50 years of Christian ministry.

Outline of questions and at what time they asked in the video:
00:01 – You pastored one church for 50 years in Wales, what was the most difficult aspect of the ministry for you?
03:19 – If you could do it all over again, what would be the things that you would change or do differently?
06:17 – In your own personal walk with Christ, what can you look back on and say you wish you had done differently?
08:48 – How can a pastor deal with discouragement when he has to keep preaching through times of difficulty?
13:02 – If you go back in time to the first day of your ministry, and speak to a young Geoff Thomas, what would you tell him and most stress to him?
15:33 – At the prayer meeting on Wednesday night, you mentioned that there were some areas in your life that you felt like were really critical to not let slip. What areas were you referring too and what are you doing to not slip in those areas?
19:40 – What are the dangers confronting the church today, especially the reformed church?
24:44 – What book or person has made a great impact on your life and why?
29:28 – How did you remain a baptist while in Westminster Seminary?

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