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These inspirational and challenging Christian quotes are extracted from books and sermons by godly believers that we hope will challenge and encourage you as you run this race for the Lord Jesus. (For sharing the quotes that are in the image format, you can download them by clicking on the image.)

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The early church at prayer-
1. They had a designated time- so do we.
2. They had a designated place- so do we.
3. They had people present- so should we.
4. They made church prayer a real priority- so should we.
5. They saw real answers to prayer – so will we, if we remain steadfast and faithful to pray together as a church.
Our Lord and his apostles laid tremendous emphasis on prayer; indeed, the whole Bible does so. So believers do not have their spiritual priorities right if prayer is crowded out by a busy life.

J. W. Grier

Analysis paralysis: After months in a slough of vacillation, I found some helpful insight from a brother. He pointed out that I, by trying to gain absolute certainty on this decision, was unwittingly trying to eat of the tree of the knowledge of Good and evil. But God was not going to give me exhaustive knowledge on it. I would have to go on by faith, trusting God with the whole course of my life. Raw faith was the only way out.

Bob Jennings, Sermon Notes

“Be the cloud ever so dense, the way ever so perplexed, there will always be something in the midst of it which will reveal a Father’s love, a Father’s care; there will be ever a bow [i.e. a rainbow] in the cloud. In the midst of midnight darkness, the believer knows that ‘light is sown for the righteous’. Therefore he occupies himself, not with forebodings as to how things will turn out, but rests on the promise of God, and above all on his purpose in afflicting us, even to make us ‘partakers of his holiness’.” If we are faithfully serving our Lord, we may be sure our troubles are sent not in judgment but in love. Then we may “seek to extract out of the trial the spiritual blessing for which it is sent, namely, conformity to Jesus and partaking of his holiness. Be it perplexity of circumstances or other trials, God has in all but one intent: deliverance, not death, is His aim. If he made Israel hunger, it was not to starve, but to feed them.”

Anthony Norris Groves, Father of Faith Missions, pg. 426

You cannot hasten matters by impatience, and it adds much to the discomfort by not seeing the Father at the helm of all one’s affairs.

Anthony Norris Groves, pg. 419 – Father of Faith Missions

To reject the terms of the Gospel in order to gratify the lusts of the flesh for a brief season, and then suffer forever and ever in the Lake of Fire, is the height of madness… nothing can extenuate the wickedness of him who prefers the drudgery of Satan to the freedom there is in Christ.

A.W. Pink, Hebrews, pg. 1019

Never, ever waste your difficulties in life through grumbling, unbelief or despair. They’re far too valuable, and you’re not passing this way again. Gold isn’t designed to forever stay in a furnace, but it will never shine brighter
anywhere else.

Mark LaCour

It is in the studying of Christ, as in the planting of a newly discovered country; at first men sit down by the sea-side, upon the skirts and borders of the land; and there they dwell, but by degrees they search farther and farther into the heart of the country. Ah, the best of us are yet but upon the borders of this vast continent!

John Flavel, First Volume of John Flavel’s Works

I learned by experience that much prayer is the only means to success.

Andrew Bonar

O brother, pray; in spite of Satan, pray; spend hours in prayer; rather neglect friends than not pray; rather fast, and lose breakfast, dinner, tea, and supper – and sleep too – than not pray. And we must not talk about prayer, we must pray in right earnest. The Lord is near.

Andrew Bonar

The Word of God! We ought never to take this book in our hands and open it, read or quote it, listen to it or preach it, without thinking, “This is the Word of Almighty God, the Ancient of Days, the Author, Creator, Governor, and Sustainer of all things. I must receive these words–every one of them–with reverence, awe, and unqualified acceptance.”

Conrad Murrell

It has been often mentioned to me, in various places, that brethren in business do not sufficiently attend to the keeping of promises, and I cannot therefore but entreat all who love our Lord Jesus, and who are engaged in a trade or business, to seek for His sake not to make any promises, except they have every reason to believe they should be able to fulfill them, and therefore carefully to weigh all the circumstances, before making any engagement, lest they should fail and its accomplishment. It is even in these little ordinary affairs of life that we may either bring much honor or dishonor to the Lord and these are the things which every unbeliever can take notice of. Why should it be so often said, and sometimes with a measure of ground, or even much ground: “Believers are bad servants, bad tradesman, bad masters”? Surely it ought not to be true that we, who have the power with God to obtain by prayer and faith all needful grace, wisdom, and skill, should be bad servants, bad tradesman, bad masters.

George Muller, The Biography of George Mueller of Bristol – A.T. Pierson, pg. 429

Do not glory in your own faith, your own feelings, your own knowledge, or your own diligence. Glory in nothing but Christ.

J.C. Ryle

If we desire our faith to be strengthened, we should not shrink from opportunities where our faith may be tried, and therefore, through trial, be strengthened.

George Muller

No doubt emotion can be overdone in religion as in all else. Not everything we say on biblical subjects need be said in a gush of tears or punctuated with a solemn Amen. We concede readily that some spoil our appetite for holy emotions by their working too hard at them.

Maurice Roberts, The Romance of the Christian Faith

To give direction or command to our children and then not enforce them is to teach them that our instruction means nothing…failure to practice correction can lead the child to distrust you. If our no doesn’t mean no, then the word is not only pointless, it’s a lie. For example, if you tell your young child, “Don’t touch that,” but do nothing when she proceeds to touch it, your instruction has come to mean nothing, and your daughter’s trust in your words diminished…the author of Hebrews mentions how “we have had earthly fathers who disciplined us and we respected them (12:9).” But if your children aren’t consistently and lovingly corrected for their infractions, they’ll tend to disrespect you as a weak parent who issues empty commands not worthy of respect.

Sam Crabtree, Parenting With Loving Correction
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