Following Christ Day by Day (2019 Fellowship Conference Trailer)

Category: Excerpts

Join us at our annual conference for fellowship, preaching, and singing that center on the glory of God. We pray the conference will encourage you to keep following Christ day by day.

We invite you to join us for the 2019 Fellowship Conference in Denton, Texas. April 18 – April 21, 2019.

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Jesse Barrington: The church of Jesus Christ is united together supernaturally. We are not called in Scripture to create unity. Do you know that? We are called in Scripture to maintain and preserve the unity that God Himself has created in us. 

Mack Tomlinson: A consistent and faithful life without martyrdom is as heroic as a martyr’s death. We know about David Brainerd only because Jonathan Edwards published his private diary, but do you know anything about John Brainerd? David’s younger brother. No journal. No hero. But he went and replaced David among the Indians and stayed thirty years. Same caliber of man, same godliness. He just never wrote about it. 

Charles Leiter: You see, this is the foundation: God’s infinite power is the foundation of our praying for the Kingdom to come. Nothing can stop Him from bringing in His Kingdom! He’s infinite in power. He can do anything. 

Geoff Thomas: We have good news for you. We have a Savior for you. We have a Teacher for you. We have a Great Shepherd who will look after you and protect you. I have good news for everybody here tonight. 

Charles Leiter: He’s got a unique name for every one of those ten thousand billion trillion stars. And each name – I mean mysterious names, and names that go into what the character of that star is. And He’s your Father. 

Geoff Thomas: Becoming a Christian isn’t a leap into the dark. It’s coming to the Light of the world. It’s coming to Jesus Christ. 

Tim Conway: …Where we can’t walk where He wants us to walk, unless He holds us up. What’s easier to say? Walk on water? Peter, come to Me? Or walk on scorpions and serpents? And crush Satan shortly under your heel? 

Mack Tomlinson: Live for Christ where you are. Keep serving, obeying God’s will for you, year in and year out, doing what God’s called you to do.