2023 Fellowship Conference

Fellowship Conference Details


There will be two Fellowship Conferences in the near future. On February 23-25, 2023, there will be a smaller one in New York. Visit https://illbehonest.com/fcny/ for more information.

Also, for the thirteenth time the Fellowship Conference will be held again in Denton, Texas on April 6-9, 2023. Registration for this conference opens on January 31. For more information go here: https://illbehonest.com/fellowship/ 

The videos from last year’s conference can be viewed here: https://illbehonest.com/series/2022-fellowship-conference

What is the purpose of these conferences? As the tagline says, “Fellowship, preaching, and singing that center on the glory of God.” In the past decade, countless numbers of people have come out of false doctrine and encountered the true Gospel. Many of these people were isolated and lacked fellowship, and the conference helped provide encouragement and an opportunity to build deeper relationships with other believers. As a result, more sound churches have been established, and we have all been able to fellowship with one another. So the Fellowship Conference, as its name suggests, focuses on fellowship with other believers as a significant reason for our gathering. It is also part of the reason why we’ve never posted ahead of time who is going to speak. We would much rather have people drawn to a conference to fellowship with other believers than to hear a specific man preach.

I ask you to pray for these conferences, that they will meet the needs of different believers and that the lost would come to know Christ.


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San Antonio, Texas