John’s Gospel: What Do I Need To Do To Be Saved? (Part 2)

Category: Questions & Answers

This study is a follow-up to, “What Do I Need To Do To Be Saved? (Part 1)” where Tim continues to examine different ways people get confused when confronted with the question of how to be saved. There are many subtle ways by which a person can turn salvation into a work or qualification that they must complete in order for the Lord to save them. Tim goes through the Scriptures, specifically John’s Gospel, to examine how the Bible itself specifically words things.

0:00 Logo intros.
0:12 – Recap from the previous study.
4:02 – Are you trying to believe that which an unbeliever has no right to believe? There is a difference between believing you are forgiven before you are actually forgiven.
8:26 – How can I place my faith in Christ?
15:15 – The Bible does not tell you to believe that you are saved but to believe that Christ will save you.
20:13 – Start of a survey of John’s Gospel and the passages that speak on how to be saved.
28:50 – Christ takes away sin, so he can take away your sin.
39:11 – Rest in what Christ has done and that you know is true.
51:00 – John 3:14 – bit by the serpent? Believer, you are healed when you are not? Or look and live?
58:49 – Receive Jesus’ testimony.
1:12:45 – John 5:24 shows us we must believe what the Father has said.
1:20:24 – How can I place my faith in Christ? Well, why do you place your faith in anything?
1:28:00 – John 6.
1:39:44 – What do I need to know about myself?
1:46:29 – In closing…
1:53:59 – Someone ask a question and Tim answers by overflowing with glorious thoughts about Christ.