Truthfully Dealing With Sin (Part 1)

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We need to truthfully deal with our sin and consider what the Bible says about sin.

“My wife said several weeks back when I was thinking about what I should preach at the Denton conference, she said, ‘Preach on sin.’ Well, it’s not going to make it to the Denton conference, and so I thought that maybe I would bring two or three sermons here on the topic of sin. And so, Lord helping, we’ll look at part one of that today. You can turn in your Bibles to Matthew chapter, but just as we start here, Charles read from Romans chapter 1. Now, listen to this: ‘The wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men.’ The first thing the Apostle Paul, and you know this is the most expensive, the extensive treatment of sin and the fallen character of mankind that we find in the New Testament. And the first thing the Apostle has to say about men in their unrighteousness is this, now you catch this, ‘who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth.’ You know what, when men and women love their sin, they’ve got to suppress the truth. You know why? You know why? Because the truth, what the truth really is, is just too threatening for men to handle. You can’t love sin and love the truth because what the truth tells you, folks, as I deal with sin today, there is nothing more important than we, we deal with it in truth. And that is really important because there are some of you here that are still in that state, and no matter what I say to you, you know where all this battle happens, right here, right here. And as we talk about sin, I did not come here today to give you my opinions about sin. God has told us about sin. God has given us truth about sin.”

0:00 – Introduction and opening prayer.
1:16 – A thought from Romans 1.
4:14 – Consider Matthew 7.
9:38 – The Bible covers the age of sin.
11:58 – One of the most resounding facts about man and his sin is found right here…
15:33 – Why did you come here today? Is there some emptiness in your soul?
17:33 – This is not a popular truth, and my aim is not to discourage any of you!
27:19 – Better off as a harlot and to see your sin, than be religious and be deceived.
34:00 – The first commandment ever given to man.
43:40 – All of humanity is under sin.
53:58 – God has given us a way of escape from death row.
1:03:03 – Jesus tells us what your Father is like…