Burning Hearts: The Nature of Spiritual Experience

Category: Full Sermons

Stuart Olyott, author of “Something Must Be Known and Felt,” discusses the nature of spiritual experiences in his sermon based on Luke 24. May our hearts indeed burn as we read the Scriptures and walk with Christ.

0:00 Introduction
1:24 Luke 24, Burning Hearts
6:07 Who Were the Two People Walking on the Road?
7:43 1 – Analyzing the Passage: Two Disciples’ Experience
11:54 The Nature of Spiritual Experience: Understanding the Three Legs
14:20 2 – Shared Spiritual Experience Between Two Disciples
18:55 3 – The Author of That Experience
21:48 4 – The Means of That Experience
27:35 What Are Emotions? Understanding Strong Movements of the Will
32:32 Manipulating Emotions
33:59 Reciting Sequence for Emotional Manipulation: 1 2 2 3
36:01 5 – The Result of That Experience
46:06 My Heart Burns When I See Christ in the Scriptures
48:56 Closing Prayer