Spiritual Warfare – Are You Aware Of The Battle?

Category: Sermon Jams

Paul says there are spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places. Do you ever stop and think about the spiritual warfare that is happening all around us?

Where do you think the gospel is being plucked up like a seed from a hardened path? in places like this. Don’t think your reformed theology. Don’t think your five points. Keep the devil outside the walls. It doesn’t work. He has infiltrated your workplace, your streets, your neighbors, their houses, your schools, your prisons, and your governments. He’s there. He’s operating. He’s sinister. He’s foul. And he is powerful. Folks, I don’t say this to scare anybody. I say it to call you to battle. Christian, you don’t walk around with your head in the clouds. Don’t do that. The rest of the world does that.