The Devil: Prince of the Power of the Air (Part 3)

Category: Full Sermons
Bible: Ephesians 2:2, Ezekiel 38:12-19

Who is the “prince of the power of the air”? Is it of course the Devil? Or is it referring to someone else?

We are confronted by a spirit outside of ourselves, a personal being who tracks us and is after us. A person who has a kingdom, and he is not just operating by himself. He has an agenda. He possesses a hatred and is head over all other fallen angels. We read in the Scriptures about the strategies of the Devil. He has a network, is highly organized, and he has an agenda. We know full well in Scripture that he does battle against those who name the name of Jesus Christ and who keep the commandments of God.

In this sermon we are talking about what he does to the sons of disobedience. We are not talking about what he does to Christians, but we are talking about what he did to us when we were not Christians.