Praising God For Our Adoption

Category: Full Sermons, Video
Bible: Ephesians 1:5-6

In expressing to you the doctrine of adoption, we realize that somebody can be adopted and not really recognize what that is. Being adopted is one thing, but recognizing you are adopted is another thing. Somebody could be adopted and not know they are adopted; they’re children that don’t ever find out they’re adopted, or sometimes till later in life. It’s one thing to be adopted, it’s another thing to recognize you’re adopted; but even more to praise God because you’re adopted, that’s where we have to get to. That’s what we have to recognize in all of this is as we’re moving forward, Paul’s talking about adoption and he says it’s to the praise of the glory of God. We don’t get far enough if we think about justification or we think about adoption, if it doesn’t lead us to be amazed and to wonder and be in awe at God and to be thankful and fall on our faces. What God is looking for is when the mind is perceiving the wonderful truths about God and what God has done, and the truth of it is impacting us; so that in the inside there is a welling up and appreciating, and worship, a recognizing of His worth.