How Dead is Dead? The Five-Fold Fallenness of Man (Part 1)

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When we were lost, we were dead in trespasses and sins. It wasn’t that we transgressed against God every once in awhile. All we ever did was sin and trespass against God and God’s commandments. God purposely used graphic terms to describe what we were in our lost condition. Do you recognize the power that was necessary to take dead sinners like us and make us alive?

Even as Christians, there is still an aversion to really grasping the reality of how dead we were when lost. We love to protect ourselves and put ourselves in the best possible light. We are massively proficient in defending ourselves rather than condemning and accusing ourselves.

One way that shows that we don’t understand the wickedness of our sin is that we recoil in horror when a child is murdered, but don’t recoil when people worship idols. Our sin is horrific wickedness towards God. We largely measure our sins on how they are received or how they impact other people. There is still a root of man-centeredness that still needs to be washed and purged from us. We still don’t comprehend the ugliness and the fallenness and the depravity of the pit that God saved us from.