A Remedy For Troubled Hearts

Category: Full Sermons

Do you have a troubled heart? Christ counsels us and gives us a remedy for troubled hearts. By speaking words of stability and anchoring us, Christ helps us avoid falling away.

0:00 – Introduction
4:42 – A remedy for troubled hearts.
9:13 – If Christ hadn’t said these things, what would have happened?
11:02 – When a trial occurs, what happens?
16:44 – Is Christ still everything?
18:31 – What type of trial were they facing?
27:38 – How does Jesus counsel them?
31:25 – When we find ourselves in difficult circumstances, what is the biggest problem?
40:14 – My present situation is not my final reality.
47:42 – Sharing a story about a pastor friend.
55:32 – Believe in Christ, trust in Him.