What Do I Need To Do To Be Saved?

Category: Questions & Answers

What do I need to do to be saved? How do I trust in Jesus? How do I know if I am believing in Him? Why am I not being saved? I am seeking the Lord for salvation and he is not saving me! Sadly many have stumbled over these questions. In this study, Tim goes to the Bible to see how the Scriptures speak in regards to these most important questions.

0:00 – Question – I am seeking the Lord for salvation.
5:53 – I am trying to figure out how to trust in Jesus.
07:06 – Does the Bible tell us HOW to trust or does it just tell us to trust?
12:23 – Should we ask what does he think about his own sin?
17:38 – Don’t ask people to believe something about themselves that might not be true.
21:12 – Some verses on this.
22:16 – Matthew 3.2
25:45 – Matthew 7.13
30:34 – Matthew 9.9
33:10 – Many are waiting to feel something.
37:00 – Don’t try to go into some state of euphoria before you believe you are saved.
48:03 – Matthew 10.38 – Die to self and follow Christ.
1:17:14 – I am trying to figure out how to follow Jesus.