Ask Pastor Tim – Biblical Question & Answer Session #1

The plan is for Tim to start by dealing with one question that was taken ahead of time. After that, he will take questions from those in the church who are in the conference call, and also questions that are submitted in the YouTube chat. Because of this format, we will primarily focus on questions that 1) do not require a long period of time to answer, 2) and are deemed profitable.

02:58 What is the best method for evangelizing?
14:12 How would you explain the Trinity to a kid?
20:48 What would you say to people who thinks God is mean based on Romans 9 saying He only chooses some and not all?
27:33 How to respond to people saying this pandemic is God’s judgment and His call for people to repentance?
39:22 Why did Jesus say after the Parable of the Sower “Do you not understand this parable? How then will you understand all the parables?”
40:41 Where the disciples saved before the Pentecost, since they were not yet filled with the Holy Spirit?
41:35 How does one know if God is in a ministry?
49:20 What brief advice would you give your 20-year-old self?
51:10 Do apostates know that they’re apostate?
53:21 Was Solomon never saved? How then did he have the Holy Spirit? Did he lose his salvation?
55:15 When Bible says Jesus knows someone’s thoughts, should we ascribe that to His deity, or His humanity empowered by the Spirit?
01:02:32 What’s the place of patriotism in the life of a believer?
01:13:36 What’s your view on the division on non-essentials, like eschatology?
01:22:06 How to deal with flashing memories of past sins and temptations?
01:27:21 To what extent do we tolerate sin in unbelieving family members whom we interact with everyday?
01:30:40 Any new thoughts on missionary John Allen Chau?
01:30:57 Can a person be saved and not know that they’re saved?
01:34:05 How do I know if it’s God’s will for me to marry someone? Should I be looking for signs?
01:37:31 We’re told the heart is deceitfully wicked. Is the heart of a Christian continue to be deceptive and wicked?
01:52:37 Does “full of goodness” in Romans 15 equate to “not sinning”?