What Can We Learn From the Syrophoenician Woman?

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One of the unique examples we have of faith in the Bible is the Syrophoenician woman. Given everything in the Bible was recorded with a direct application for us. What can we learn from this example of the Syrophoenician regarding seeking the Lord, prayer, and faith?

0:00 – Logo intros.
0:15 – Matthew 15.
3:15 – Reading the question.
3:59 – The two greatest recordings of faith in Matthew’s gospel are both from Gentiles.
9:33 – What about praying and getting silence from the Lord?
15:30 – Christ did not even answer her in word, he gave total silence.
17:57 – There are 1,000 voices telling you to give up on praying for what you are praying for.
18:55 – Christ’s response to her.
21:55 – Why does he call her a dog?
25:35 – We need to order and argue in prayer with the Lord.
30:53 – A missionary writing about this passage.
32:19 – We need to be like this woman…