An Utterly Unique God

Category: Full Sermons

The Canaanite woman came to Christ and asked for help but the Lord didn’t answer her a word. Lamentations 3:8 – though I call and cry for help, he shuts out my prayer; – Which means there is silence. Don’t take silence as a no, take silence as a test of your faith and let your faith rule the day. The waiting period is a time of testing. If you will wait on the Lord and there is silence, it always proceeds blessing for God’s faithfulness is at stake.

Man typically has his own deadline and if God doesn’t act in man’s time-line then he will act and do it his own way, this is not waiting on the Lord.

Tim gives these seven points.

  1. The impatience of waiting.
  2. The silence of waiting.
  3. The doubts of waiting.
  4. The way to wait.
  5. God acts in powerful fashion.
  6. God acts at the right time.
  7. God cares.