Risky Faith: Trusting God In The Midst of Danger

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At times the life of faith might feel risky and dangerous. We are people who don’t like risk, but we crave security and long to have control over our situations. We don’t like being exposed and vulnerable and yet inevitability that is where a life of faith brings us. The Lord will put you and me in situations to test if we really believe in the Lord right here and right now.

0:00 – Is the life of faith risky?
4:46 – Six characters from Hebrews 11 who exercised faith in God.
18:30 – Do you think about the faith Jesus exercised?
20:50 – How do we apply this to ourselves? 1) These are not examples of blind faith.
24:54 – 2) These are not examples of reckless presumption.
26:52 – 3) They were actually the safest when their actions appeared the riskiest.
30:40 – 4) Expect challenging tests in your life.
35:38 – Can I believe those same promises for myself?