Assurance of Salvation

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I observe that there’s three aspects, three levels of assurance of salvation taught in the Bible: One is the most simple, the most basic level of assurance is taking God at His word in faith. In other words, here’s John 3:16, it does say that whoever believes in Him will not perish but have everlasting life, and if the heart is sincere, and he says, “Lord, you said this. I do believe it.” And if he does sincerely, truly believe it, he can have some measure of assurance right there by just taking God at His word. There’s a second level of assurance, and that is our walk with God. After we profess Christ, we set out in following the Lord, why there’s assurance that way too. We see our lives being changed, we see our life being conformed to the Word of God. So there’s assurance at that second level too. But then the third level of assurance, and the highest and most infallible, you might say, would be the witness of the Spirit. The Spirit of God comes to the Christian either at regeneration or after regeneration and just floods his heart with love and tells him, “You’re Mine, I’m yours.” And you see these three levels in Romans 5, it starts out, “therefore having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” So there, you’re taking God at His word. You’re believing, and so you have peace with God. But then it goes on to say, not only this, but we also glory in tribulation knowing that tribulation works patience, patience experience, and experience hope disappoint. So there’s hope. How? My character development. And by our walk with God. The book of 1 John is full of those type of tests. By this we know we’ve come to know Him because we keep His commandments. And so that’s the second level, and there’s the third level which comes again right after that in Romans 5, where it says, hope doesn’t disappoint, for the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts by the Holy Spirit Who was given to us. And so there’s the witness of the Spirit. You see that in the life of Christ, where, of course He was so to speak a believer. He was the Son of God. But nevertheless, there was upon baptism a witness of the Spirit where the Spirit of God came and said, “You are my beloved Son, in You I’m well pleased.” Romans 8, the Spirit bears witness with our spirit that we are children of God. So for the Christian, I’m fully persuaded that the Bible teaches there are repeated fillings of the Spirit, repeated witnesses of the Spirit. Day by day, we can ask for the Spirit of God. We can ask, “Lord, would you fill me with Your Spirit today.” By Acts 3, Peter had been filled with the Spirit three times. And so, you know, just fresh meetings with God where the Spirit of God comes and says, “You’re Mine. It’s ok. I’m with you. I love you.” You could sum it up with three “W’s.” First, there’s the word – taking God at His word by faith. And then there’s the second W and that is the walk. And then there’s the third W, and that is the witness of the Spirit. It’s a birthright for every child of God. So the thing to do is not to worry about it too much. But just be devoted to following the Lord with all your heart. Following Him, and He’ll make sure that you have the assurance that you need. We’re saved by faith, not by assurance. But it will follow – sooner or later.