To War With Our Assurance

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Once the writer John gets us to where we have assurance, he then doesn’t have us sit there with our assurance but sends us to the battlefield. We who have assurance are to go to war for Christ in the spiritual realm. The more certain you are that all is well with your soul, the more willing and certain you will be to dash out on the battlefield.

Preached on: 06/14/2015  | Text: 1 John 5:13-21

0:00 – John expects we will have confidence that we are the Lord’s.
4:59 – If you are a child of God, this is what is true of you…
9:01 – Where does John go? He wants the believers to go to war with this confidence they have.
13:17 – 1 – Go to war by actively praying.
23:34 – 2 – Go to war with active intercession.
32:06 – What is the sin unto death?
37:09 – 3 – Active recognition of my surroundings.
41:51 – With assurance, go to war for the Lord in the spiritual realm.
49:32 – 4 – The active avoidance of idols.