What God Says Is True: I Shall Not Want (Psalm 23)

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Christian, if you lay aside your Bible you are in a dangerous place. God’s Word is always true, despite what we feel, whatever God says is true. If you respond with, “You just don’t understand my circumstances!” No, no. What God says is true. Don’t lay aside His book in order to try to solve your problems and trials. You can trust the Lord your Shepherd.

0:00 – Reading Psalm 23.
1:20 – Opening prayer.
2:07 – David is testifying of God’s faithfulness.
9:55 – Our Shepherd causes us to lie down and rest.
14:48 – Do you feel like goodness is not following you?
17:55 – God’s Word is always true–the Scriptures are sufficient.
21:40 – Everything God brings into our life is designed to teach us.
28:21 – My wife burnt the beans–God provided.
34:20 – You will not lack one trial in your life that is good and necessary.
41:50 – We will not lack suffering, trials, enemies–but God gives victory against our enemies.
49:38 – Are you confused right now? What is it that you truly need this morning?
55:02 – Closing prayer.