God is Perfectly Crafting the Circumstances of My Life

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Do you have a tendency to think “God has forgotten me?” John 3:27 says – “A person cannot receive even one thing unless it is given him from heaven.” – All that we have has been perfectly crated by our Father in heaven, may we not doubt the Lord, but trust Him by faith.


Brethren, let us imitate John in his thinking, that God is perfectly crafting the circumstances of my life. Notice what he says, “A person cannot receive even one thing unless it has been given him from heaven.” Don’t we have a tendency in our life to think, “God has forgotten us”? “God has passed over us.” “Look at this guy over there. I’m looking for a job before he was, and he gets one.” “I wanted to be married before they did. And they are, and I’m not!” I mean we have this tendency to think “Why am I in these circumstances? God has forgotten me. Lord, why have you forgotten me?” 

But brethren, it really helps to know not even ONE thing is true in your life that God has not designed. And you can be sure of this, you have the hard circumstances in your life right now because it is the best thing for you to have and God fully knows it. And a lot of times, brethren, you have the thing that you have because it is the very thing that is necessary to make you more like Christ. And without it, it would leave untouched, the area of your life where you are least like Christ.