Jesus Taught That Few Find Eternal Life

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Jesus taught that the many on the broadway are the religious people who say, “Lord, Lord.” Humanity wants a way to heaven that is easy, and therefore, the truth does not appeal to the religious multitude. The majority want to trust in their works to be saved and not obey the radical commands of Christ.

0:00 – In verse 13, Jesus gives the finality to the Sermon on the Mount.
6:27 – How do these contrasting pairs relate back to what was previously said?
9:02 – What % possibility is it of you perishing when Christ comes?
10:48 – This is not about being saved by works.
14:50 – Do Christ’s words make you uncomfortable?
17:05 – Consider Matthew 7.13-14.
25:58 – How can the narrow way appeal to humanity?
30:12 – Those in the pairs that Jesus gives are not just normal humanity.
37:28 – Why is it that people call Christians fanatics?
40:49 – There are only two choices.
44:30 – How does a person enter the narrow gate?
56:46 – Hear the voice of Christ – Listen or reject.
1:02:20 – The broadway has an end of destruction.
1:06:23 – How do people respond when you warn them?
1:08:12 – Christ’s yoke is easy, and his burden is light.