Jesus Is God: Whoever Has Seen Jesus Has Seen The Father

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In John 14:9 Jesus said, “Whoever has seen me has seen the Father.” Jesus places himself in the same category as the only true God. Would you also place him in such a category? Do you have any gaps in your understanding of Christ? Denying Christ is more than just denying his existence; it is denying who he specifically claimed to be.

Series: The Upper Room Discourse, Part 7.

0:00 – Introduction
3:36 – There are gaps in the disciple’s understanding of who Christ is.
7:59 – Do we still have gaps in our understanding of who Christ is?
24:16 – Christ is the one who declares who the Father is.
26:37 – Observe the harmony that the Father and the Son have.
35:18 – Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s main task was not to always defend the doctrine of the Trinity.
40:22 – There is an intolerance in Christianity that should offend people.
42:05 – What will comfort you and me in trials?
54:09 – In conclusion.