Don’t Pray Like a Modalist

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The Bible teaches that Jesus Christ is God, but do not mistake that to mean that Jesus Christ is the Father. We should not attribute things to the Father that are exclusively attributed to the Son, and vice versa.

You know what we don’t want? We don’t want anybody in our church contributing to modalism. And we’ve had that in the past. And you know sometimes I think you don’t have people that are trying to go wrong on the Trinity, but if you’ve ever heard somebody pray and they’re addressing God the Father and they say, “Thank You for dying for us,” or something like that. I’ve heard that. Don’t pray that way because that’s not true. God the Father did not die for you. The Lord Jesus Christ died for you. We’re not modalists. What’s modalist? That’s basically one person who presents himself to mankind in three modes or three forms or three manifestations. We have three personalities that love each other. Jesus isn’t saying when He says He loves His Father that He loves Himself. There is love between these Persons. There’s interaction between these Persons in the Trinity. And modalism is bad theology. If this brief excerpt has provoked more questions in your mind on the doctrine of the Trinity, then view our more in-depth resources at under Topics: The Trinity.