Is There Anything Special About You?

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It’s no sacrifice for the world to love those who love them. However, the Christian isn’t only to love those who love them, but they are to even love their enemies and pray for them. The Christian is able to do this because God’s seed abides in them, they have the divine power of God living in them which enables them to love as Christ loved. Is there anything special about your love? Do you only love those who love you?

0:00 – Logo intros.
0:11 – Start of sermon, Matthew 5:43.
9:59 – If saved, Christ expects that you are unique and different.
11:17 – Love your neighbor, and hate your enemy?
17:26 – Think of the hatred of the Scribes and Pharisees towards Jesus.
20:33 – Last week we looked at the negative, but this week it is the positive; the what to do.
31:12 – Christians – is there something of your Father that shines through?
42:36 – Be honest – do you live godly enough to have enemies?
47:25 – What reward do you have?