You Are The Salt of The Earth

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The world we live in is a corrupt putrifying cesspool that is in the power of the evil one. But thankfully, Jesus is saving people out of this wicked world and making them new creations. But if He’s saved you out of the world, He now expects you to be like salt and make an impact on the world around you. Too many professing Christians go either to the extreme of thinking they need to become like the world or the extreme of isolating themselves from the world. But if we are to be salt, we must both be different from the world and yet still make contact with the world.

0:00 – Logo intros.
0:11 – Start of the sermon.
4:17 – What is a metaphor?
5:59 – What should we think of in regards to salt?
12:02 – How is a Christian like salt?
24:28 – Salt never accomplishes anything without coming into contact with something.
33:10 – Salt loses its flavor?
38:38 – A theology on falling away – can you lose your salvation?
44:00 – Reasons why we are not saltier.
44:25 – First, we don’t define normal Christianity in a Biblical way.
48:34 – Second, we wrongly assume sinful deeds committed are greater sins than omitting to be salty.
52:07 – Third, we wrongly assume that we can easily restore what is lost.
55:53 – Fourth, we wrongly assume that having good doctrine will make us salty.
1:08:01 – The lost can smell out the hypocrite; they can tell when you truly care.
1:12:19 – Closing Prayer