Judge Not Lest You Be Judged

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The hypocrisy of the Pharisees manifested itself in the way they judged others. They would often heap heavy judgments and criticisms on others when they themselves were practicing the same things. Jesus warns us that if we judge others, we will be judged, and with the measure we used, it will be measured to us.

0:00 – Logo intros.
0:12 – Matthew 7.1-5, judge not.
1:55 – What the text does NOT mean.
7:57 – What the text DOES mean.
11:56 – When is judging hypocritical?
20:06 – Examples of wrong judgments.
33:35 – Jesus says you will be judged with the measure that you judgment you pronounce.
37:18 – Be merciful in your judgments about others.
38:13 – How should believers conduct themselves?
44:35 – Who are you to judge your neighbor?
48:50 – Closing prayer.