Blessed Are Those Who Mourn

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The Christian life is full of paradoxes; one, in particular, is that our lives are full of joy but also full of mourning. Even though we have the joy of Christ and the hope of heaven, yet there are still many things in this life that cause us to mourn. One thing that specifically causes us to mourn is our own remaining sin. These two realities may not seem to go together to the carnal mind, but we’ll never taste the sweetness of God’s comfort if we have not tasted the bitterness of mourning over our sin.

0:00 – Logo Intros
0:11 – Text – Matthew 5
0:36 – Opening Prayer
1:56 – There are many paradoxes in Christianity.
5:09 – The world does not want to mourn and be sorrowful.
5:56 – Philosophy of the world: Have fun!
8:16 – Parents, do you park your kids in front of the TV all of the time?
12:43 – So, is Christianity a morbid religion?
14:28 – Daugther abandons the faith, but we must still hope in Christ.
16:29 – The mourning of Matthew 5 refers to the mourning we feel about our own sin.
18:36 – Mourning over sin must come first before you have comfort.
21:48 – Ezekiel says that God establishing his covenant with you should cause you to mourn.
24:36 – Pride Pokes Your Eyes Out
25:13 – God designs his people to feel.
30:20 – What about laughter and amusement?
34:50 – Sin is called vomit; it is no small thing.
45:40 – I remember when Bob Jennings was dying and the exhortation he gave.
46:10 – Think about appearing before the judgment seat of Christ.
49:44 – Ever notice how the cowardly are cast into the lake of fire?
50:50 – David should have gone to war…sin makes you insensitive.
55:10 – Too often, we make so much out of grace that people justify their sin.
58:00 – If you don’t weep, you might just be on a smooth way to hell.
58:43 – Reading a quote of Charles Simeon.
1:01:50 – John Piper’s comment on what Charles Simeon said.
1:04:14 – A sense of sin comes prior to joy and a sense of salvation. Psalm 34.18.
1:04:58 – Closing prayer.