Adultery In The Heart

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Jesus compares this war on lust with someone cutting off their own limb or gouging out their own eye. We must deal drastically with sin; this is the good fight of faith. But how are we able to defeat such a Goliath? Well, just like David defeated Goliath, we conquer lust by relying on the Lord as our help. We put to death lust by the Spirit of God!

0:00 – Reading text Matthew 5.27-30.
1:31 – Opening prayer.
1:52 – Jesus overrides what has been said.
13:17 – The tenth commandment caused Saul issues.
15:09 – Jesus is speaking metaphorically when he says to radically remove these members.
17:48 – Is this the kind of Christianity that you have signed up for?
21:23 – Why is it that people go to Christ to be saved and don’t get saved?
31:37 – People get very angry when you tell them their sexual sin is leading them to hell.
34:55 – John Piper describing the male eye.
37:16 – We need help; may we be the poor in spirit who rely on God’s power.
41:18 – How do I tap into the Holy Spirit’s power?
45:20 – An example of counsel a pastor gave to a man struggling with lust.
48:10 – More and more ladies are having lust problems.
48:45 – The basic math of the matter.
53:50 – What if someone asked you if you are falling into this? What would you be able to say?
57:11 – Think about David killing Goliath; may it be so with us verse our Goliath’s.
1:01:40 – Closing prayer.