You Don’t Have To Look and Lust!

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I think most people remember when they were first saved. The times that God has given you power over things. Grace in areas. I specifically remember a time where Tim Conway and I were going to a pizza place during lunch. This was shortly after Tim was saved. On the way there this convertible drives by us. All you see is the convertible with the top down and the person’s blonde hair-waving type of things. I don’t even know if Tim remembers this. But we were having a conversation and I think it caught him out of the edge of his eye and he said, “I didn’t have to look!” “I didn’t have to look!” Before he had to. It was an automatic head turn. But God’s grace; he was recognizing the grace God had given him to not look. That’s what God’s grace does, it makes a difference in people’s lives. “I don’t have to look!” Brother and sister, you don’t have to click it! Guess what? You don’t have to do it! Really that’s where I am headed, you have to come to a place where it is not even an option. Pornography–it’s not even an option in my life, it’s not even on the table. It’s not an option. I’m not going there not even thinking about it. It is not going to happen. I’m not doing it, by God’s grace I’m not going to lust. We’ve got to be vigilant, we’ve got to be violent. The kingdom of heaven suffers violence and the violent take this thing by force (Matthew 11:12). We’re not going cruise into glory, we’re not just going to cruise in rose-colored glasses and just stroll right into heaven. The violent take this by force and you got to get violent about this thing. It’s those who tenaciously lay hold of God and his grace and his promises those are the Christians that make it to the end. Not the ones who make a big splash. Got the great personalities. Got all these wonderful things about them. It’s the people that tenaciously lay hold of God and trust him and cling to him that make it to the end. And there are many snares and many dangers between here and there and porn’s just one of them. One that can destroy you for sure No options. Christian, you got to come to a place in your life where they are just some things you’re just determined to do and things you’re determined not to do. God will give you the grace to do that.

Excerpt from the full sermon, “Pornography: Slaying The Dragon“.