Right Response to Sexual Temptation: Flee!

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People always say, “What am I supposed to do if I am in the midst of, or being tempted by sexual immorality?” And the Bible has one simple, clear word: flee!

Run away!

It’s not the time to witness.

It’s not the time to engage in a conversation.

It’s not the time to understand the other person.

It is the time to run away!

It is time to run!

You ought to leave clothing behind like Joseph did when he was being seduced by Potiphar’s wife and he ran even though she grabbed on to his coat. He ran! Even though he looked guilty in the process, he ran!

Because the right answer to sexual immorality is not sticking around to see if you can beat this thing. You can’t beat this thing. You run.

You turn your eyes.

You turn your gaze.

You run away from that place.

You get off of that web site.

You get off of that computer.

You sell your computer if you need be.

Someone says, “That sounds harsh.”

You cut off your hand, you gouge out your eye (Matthew 5:30).

You get rid of impurity.

You do whatever it takes.

Oh the thought of ruining my wife’s trust and my children’s security. For one moment of lustful pleasure. Don’t even get close. Run away.

If your spouse says there is temptation. Do not respond to them by despising them. Because nobody is above this temptation. First Corinthians 7 says we shouldn’t despise each other when there is temptation. We should come together when there is temptation.

Do not think that modesty is some legalism. Modesty is just the acknowledgment that our bodies have the power to intoxicate other people. And so we cover our bodies. All the way. We don’t show people part of breast. That’s insanity! We cover ourselves up to walk in modesty so that there is a purity among the people of God. None of that is legalism. That’s the fact that our Father wants to be worshiped in spirit and in truth. And because He wants to be worshiped in spirit and in truth we run away from any sexual relationship that would not display Christ and the church.

And we understand, if we are single we should surrounded ourselves with people will encourage us. We understand that if we are married we need to surround ourselves with people who will encourage us. And we know that our spouse needs to be our ally, in that fight.

So I can’t encourage you enough. The Bible clearly, He says here that God’s people are to be a people of sexual purity.

This excerpt was from the full sermon “Baby Pictures of the People of God” | Ryan Fullerton Pastors at http://www.ibclouisville.org/