Let Your Light Shine

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If you are a Christian, you are a person who is a light in a world full of darkness. And as much as the world hates it, you must not hide your light. Your light shining through your good works is one of the means that God can use to save others and bring them also into the light. A light under a basket is good for nothing. Christian, don’t hide your light.

0:00 – Sermon text, Matthew 5.16
1:03 – Shine is the first imperative verb given in Matthew 5.
1:34 – Opening prayer.
2:14 – If we are likened to a lamp, what is the source of our light?
10:36 – How bright is this light? And the judgments those who reject it face.
24:05 – If people are more guilty with our light, then why not withhold it?
27:06 – The glory of God.
37:16 – “Don’t judge God by his people!”
41:29 – 1 Peter 2.11
45:59 – How are we going to let our light shine?
51:43 – How do we sum up these good works?
54:53 – A lamp is light in order to give light, not be hidden.
58:11 – Closing prayer.