Blessed Are The Peacemakers

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If you were asked to describe what characterizes a Christian, would “peacemaker” be an item on the top of your list? In the beatitudes, Jesus describes what his people are like, and he includes peacemakers on the list. The greatest way we can be used to make peace? It is by urging the lost to put down their weapons of rebellion and make peace with God before they have to stand before Him in judgment.

0:00 – Logo Intros
0:10 – If asked to describe what a Christian is, would peacemaker be on the top of that list?
2:58 – What is peace? Don’t define peace as the world does.
6:10 – The Bible has an order of peace in the beginning – war in the middle – peace at the end.
11:38 – Jesus’ focus is not if you have peace but if you are a peacemaker?
14:20 – Do you view God the Father as a peacemaker?
21:46 – Do you see peace with your brother and sister? Do you control your tongue?
23:28 – We must bring peace to the lost who enemies of God.
31:32 – True peacemakers are to boldly call the lost to repent.
37:07 – We are ambassadors for Christ.
47:07 – Closing prayer.