Christ’s Call to Die to Self

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Christ gives us four examples that reveal our constant tendency to be watching out for ourselves and our self-interest. We are often in the defensive attitude and looking for insults and injuries that are done against us. Often the slightest disturbance can affect us. Yet Jesus calls us not to retaliate but to go the second mile and give to the one who begs from you. As we live out Matthew 5:38-42, we will find that our lives have a testimony that provides us with an evangelistic open door into people’s lives.

Series: Sermon on the Mount #20

0:00 – Logo Intros
0:12 – Do not dance around and not let the text hit you.
7:20 – Reading the text Matthew 5.38-42
9:40 – What about turning the other cheek?
12:13 – Do not resist someone who does evil to you?
15:04 – What is the common thread between these four examples that Jesus gives?
20:08 – It is only the true Christian can only live out these verses.
24:05 – Example 1 – Do not retaliate.
31:54 – Illustration – Missionary Hudson Taylor not retaliating to someone who pushed him in the mud.
38:23 – Example 2 – Do not sue one another.
48:12 – Example 3 – Go the second mile.
52:32 – Example 4 – Give to the one who begs from you.
56:08 – Jesus describes conduct that has an evangelistic thrust and gives you a testimony with those you are living these realities out before.
1:02:30 – Closing prayer – Lord cleanse us from our idols.