Christ, The Law and You

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Jesus said that He didn’t come to abolish the law but rather to fulfill it. What does Jesus mean when He says that? Does His fulfillment of the law nullify any obligation on our part to obey the law? How does Jesus’ fulfillment of the law relate to our law-keeping?

0:00 – Reading of text and introductory comment.
2:43 – Don’t tune out and think this is too complicated to understand.
8:29 – Today we want to consider and unpack our Lord’s first three words.
12:43 – Hermeneutics 101 is to compare Scripture with Scripture.
20:14 – What was Christ’s relationship to the Old Testament?
25:11 – What is the golden rule?
28:00 – “Do not think that I came to destroy the law and the prophets…”
35:59 – Did you do the will of God? Christ did on your behalf.
40:57 – A study of the doctrine of obedience.
45:50 – Keep the righteous requirement of the law.
50:54 – God changes us to where we naturally keep God’s standard.
58:35 – Closing prayer.