Is Christ’s Return Imminent?

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Is it possible that Jesus could come back at any moment? Or are there certain events that must take place first before He comes? And if so, have those events already happened, or do we yet still await them?

0:00 – What does imminent mean?
0:45 – Does the Bible anywhere say Jesus is coming soon? Revelation 3.11
3:38 – Tim reads the question that was sent in.
5:40 – What two signs does Scripture indicate that must happen before Christ can come? 2 Thessalonians chapter 2.
11:59 – The Coming of the Lord and the Parousia is the same.
13:58 – Does the Bible tell us anywhere else what it will be like when Christ returns?
15:33 – Dispensationalism is new and has no historical roots.
16:44 – Christ’s second coming will be like the days of Noah.
19:56 – What does this great falling away and rebellion look like?
23:25 – Who is the “man of lawlessness”? Who is the antichrist?
36:45 – Many professing believers have a wrong mindset of thinking, “He cannot come today because ______ has not been fulfilled!”
41:32 – How do you hasten the day of the Lord’s coming? 2 Peter 3.12.