Blessed Are The Pure In Heart

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The religious leaders of Jesus’ day were very clean on the outside but very dirty on the inside. Jesus calls His true disciples to have not just external righteousness, but also to have inward purity; and that inward purity must flow from the heart. The heart must be pure and God as its singular object of love and chief desire. Is your heart pure (singular) towards God, or is it divided?

0:00 – Logo Intros
0:12 – Start of Sermon
2:20 – What do we think of as being pure?
13:34 – In Hosea it says whore/whoredom – that is what God calls those who try to live divided.
19:06 – What is the heart?
21:40 – Who is Jeremiah 17:9 describing?
25:32 – Do your actions accurate reflect what is going on inside?
36:54 – What is the greatest reality in your life?
49:33 – What idols are most difficult in your life?
56:55 – Self is most responsible.
58:03 – Edward Payson quote on death to self.
1:08:38 – Closing prayer.