Grieving and Sending with a Gospel Heart

Category: Full Sermons, Video
Bible: Romans 1:1-17

In view of the brevity of our life, and the great need for more Biblical churches, we should be those who go out with a heart for the lost and seek to proclaim the Gospel.


My goal this morning is to weave together three strands that are coursing through my heart. I want to weave together three heartfelt thoughts into one message that I hope will give everyone here comfort, and consolation, and encouragement. The first strand of thought that I want to braid together. The first strand that's running through my heart and I am sure is running through many of your hearts. Is the grief we feel at that the sudden and unexpected death of Lynn Shreve. Lynn died in her sleep on Friday and her death is a tragedy not just because she was so young - 36. Not just because their marriage was so young, about nine years old, or her kids were so young, or so many, but her death stings so badly because her life was so good. How do you describe Lynn without using the most glorious descriptions of Christian womanhood that can be found in the entire Bible. All that God calls women to be, as they're made new creations in Christ, Lynn was well on her way to becoming. To Jay, her husband, and our beloved pastor, Lynn was, and I've heard him say this many times, "Far more precious than jewels." Proverbs 31:10...

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