The Gospel to Young People

The Gospel isn’t just for overtly wicked lost people; it’s also for the self-righteous religious kids who grow up in Christian homes. If you’re a child who is being raised in a Christian home, please take to heart that you need the gospel just as desperately as any other lost kid.

0:00 – Young people, I am speaking to you tonight, please pay attention.
2:02 – An overview of part of the book of Romans.
9:45 – Some hard truths in Romans.
17:22 – “Dad, that little boy is such a criminal.” “No, you are as wicked.”
21:17 – I want to condemn you, that all of you will see something that makes you very sad.
25:35 – Romans 3, if condemned, how can I be righteous?
34:34 – Would you be ashamed for all of your thoughts to be revealed?
39:55 – Why does Paul sit there condemning us as sinners? So you will run to the Savior.
48:34 – Jesus Christ is your only hope.
53:23 – Everyone has two major problems in the spiritual realm.
59:15 – God disciplines us because of love, not because of His anger.
1:00:51 – Teenager, are you living for the Lord?
1:02:22 – What will heaven be like?