Christian Certainties: How to Maintain Fellowship With God

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Our Bibles declare that God is light (perfectly holy and morally pure), and if He’s made you a child of light who loves the light, you need to always remember that the blood of Jesus has permanently secured your fellowship with God. Every accusation of hell falls before the cleansing blood of Christ. And as you continue to walk in the light and agree with God, your fellowship with Him will be continual and sweet.

Watch a one minute excerpt below:

0:00 – Opening Prayer
2:02 – Text – 1 John 1.5-10
5:38 – Proposition – God’s goal tonight, for the rest of your life here and beyond this world, is for you to rejoice in this fact: That you are a sinner saved by grace.
7:46 – Summary of four points.
8:21 – [Point 1] – God is holy.
17:50 – Michael shares about his son, saying he knew he was a sinner but did not genuinely sense the reality of his guilt.
19:43 – Illustration – I believed I could find my way out in my own power.
25:35 – [Point 2] – Christianity’s essence is fellowship with God.
38:18 – A man from the audience stands up and says he wants to be in the light.
39:07 – Is the passion for Christ still there?
41:22 – How can you walk in God’s light and still have sin?
47:40 – Does cleanse us from all sin deal with sanctification or justification?
52:48 – Quick playing Satan’s game and condemning yourself.
1:00:06 – How can we walk in the light and sin and still have fellowship with God?
1:06:34 – Illustration – Bertha Smith taking pains to clear her conscience. Keep your confession of sin up to date.
1:13:38 – Closing Prayer