Marriage, Family and Parenting

What are some principles that can help with being a godly spouse and a godly parent? In this video, Paul Washer deals with multiple topics and in the second half answers questions from the audience. This was a spontaneous extra session from the 2021 Fellowship Conference.

0:00​ – Introduction
6:26​ – Are you putting ministry above your family?
18:13​ – Be subject to one another?
27:20 – An area I have failed in.
28:46​ – A husband needs his wife’s respect.
1:09:28​ – Now, as a Christian, how do I train my daughter?
1:20:52 – How do I discern if my child is truly saved?
1:27:46​ – How do I prevent my child from being self-righteous?
1:33:14​ – What about sinful aspects of my spouse’s culture?
1:37:27​ – What about parental authority?
1:44:56​ – What about a husband who neglects his wife?
1:50:32 – How do you maintain joy in the home?