Knowing The God of The Doctrine

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We can’t stress enough the vital importance of correct doctrine and theology about God. But we also need to remember that correct understanding about the doctrine of God without knowing God Himself is a spiritually barren wasteland. God didn’t just save us to spare us from hell and bring us to heaven; He saved us so that we can know Him.

0:00 – Introduction
0:36 – Opening Prayer
1:54 – Christianity is about an intimate relationship with the living God.
5:48 – Being a Christian is primarily a relationship, not a religion.
8:43 – In Ephesians, Paul prays two prayers for those who are believers.
15:04 – These prayers are for YOU believers.
16:09 – Three things in the text that Paul wants us to know.
19:24 – Why is it that you had ears to hear the Gospel?
24:17 – The Future: What are the riches of our inheritance?
28:10 – The Present: His present power towards us who believe.
32:00 – Paul’s second prayer, Ephesians 3.14-19.
34:11 – Why does God love us?
38:14 – The prayer comes prior to Paul’s chapters of the “do’s” so that we do because we are loved and not do to earn love.
40:13 – Closing – We see God’s willingness, but is he able? Yes.