The Value of Sinners, Prostitutes, and Drunkards

Ryan Fullerton preaches on the value of lost sinners. Where are the soul winners who are going out there to love the drunkards, prostitutes and preach to the gospel to the perishing.

Brethren do you value the lost sinners who are out there perishing without Christ? Are you able to invite them into your house and love them and preach the gospel to them?

I want to testify that this word that was given is not something that is only theoretical. We have a house here in San Antonio that 20 guys live in, over half were homeless, one guy was a child molester, many were slaves of crack and weed and other drugs. These are people I couldn’t even of imagined living with at some point, yet to see God glorified through saving wicked sinners, everything is worth it, and God will allow us to overcome our fears. We need to get out of our comfort zone and realize it is not a “comfort zone” but a “selfish zone.” Be encouraged, God helps those who are weak yet reliant upon Him.