Jesus Christ Is Ready, Willing, And Able to Save Sinners

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Now with a title like that you might think I am giving an evangelistic message. And you would be right, if by evangelistic you meant a message intended to persuade sinners to come to Christ in their spiritual need. But the thing about the Christian life is that it is not the kind of thing that merely involves coming to Christ one time and seeking a salvation from sin, one time.  It involves that, for sure, but once the sinner comes to Christ, there is a continual coming to him, applying for more grace, and even a working with him as sin is resisted and overcome by the power of His Holy Spirit. My hope today is to persuade all of us, wherever we are, to come to Christ to save us from our sins.

0:00 – Introduction
5:02 – Who are we talking about? Jesus Christ.
8:16 – What are we talking about? Sinners being saved.
14:31 – Christ is READY to save sinners.
17:02 – Psalm 7
19:26 – Jeremiah 26.2-6
23:28 – Christ is WILLING to save sinners.
32:33 – Luke 15
38:26 – Christ is ABLE to save sinners.
39:17 – Paul’s testimony as an example of God’s mercy.
46:26 – To the unbeliever: Cry out to Christ.