Jesus Christ is the Answer to Every Question

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There’s no need that Christ is unable to richly supply for the Christian. Whatever your need is, look to Christ to meet it.

He is – to put it in these words – He’s the recon general who came on His own for a rescue mission to rescue a fallen, lost, dying, perishing world.

Who is He to you this morning? He’s the Savior. You would be in hell or in a mental institution or in prison or on your sixth marriage or in a bar this morning hungover or somewhere except here if Christ hadn’t rescued you and saved you and kept you. He’s the very reason you’re here this morning fully clothed and in your right mind and not home watching sports on television. Jesus Christ is the reason. He’s the reason. You and I didn’t keep ourselves. We’ve been kept by Him. He’s the Son of God. He’s the Son of Man. He’s the friend of sinners. He is our prophet, priest, and king. He is the perfect counselor. He’s our advocate. He’s our merciful and faithful high priest.

He’s our Lord and our King and our Good Shepherd. He shepherds us every second when we’re awake and when we’re asleep. When you’re sleeping, He’s keeping your heart beating. When you wake in the morning, the nearness of God is your good. You awake. You behold His face – the face of Jesus Christ by faith in your heart. You behold His face in righteousness. He is the nearness of God for you. He is your good every day.

Our problem is we don’t focus on Him enough. We lose focus. Who is He to you today? He’s the light of the world. He’s the bread of life. He is our rock. He is the beloved Son. He’s the consolation of Israel. He is our coming King. He’s the Judge of all the earth. He is our all in all. He’s the One who never changes. He is the rock that is unchanging.

You get your feet back on Him – on that rock. You get your eyes focused. You let your heart zero in on the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be stable and unshaken no matter what comes. But if you’re a weak limb because you’re not focused on Him, you better get healed. You better get refocused on Him.

For the broken, He’s the healer. For the blind, He’s the sight-giver. For the sinful, He’s the only One who forgives sins. For the hopeless, He’s the only true hope. For the one with no purpose, He’s the meaning of life. For the angry or bitter one, He’s the restorer of peace and joy. He is the answer to everything in life and in death.

Who can forgive sins? Christ. Who can save me from the fear of death? Christ. Who can make our families stable going into the uncertain times? Jesus Christ. Who is my Provider if job’s shaky? Jesus Christ. Who’s going to be with us and take care of us if I get the Covid? Jesus Christ. He’s the answer to every question that you may have. He’s the answer to every fear and every need in your soul.

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