Ask Pastor Tim – Biblical Question & Answer Session #5

Some of the questions dealt with tonight:

1. My question is a two-part one. The first part is would you encourage single parents who believe they are called to overseas missions to go? The second part is how would you encourage them? I ask because I am a single mother missionary. When the Lord first put the call in my soul I researched the idea of single parent missionary and honestly found nothing positive. All the encouragement I received was from the Lord, His word, my pastors, my family in Christ, and missionary biographies.

2. I am struggling to get control over my thoughts and be able to clearly read the Scriptures.

3. Pastor Tim, I malpractice in an exam by asking help for help, should I set that right? I repeatedly had thoughts of discouragement regarding the matter and was about to set it right. I prayed about it and was about to send the apology email, just before that I asked my brother in Christ he told me to wait and pray and later advised it is not required. I left it as he said but now I get condemned. Should I set it right now? Please help.

4. Pastor Tim, My husband, and I have been attending a church for about three years now. The Lord saved me about 4 years ago and immediately as I studied the bible on my own, the Holy Spirit led me to the doctrines of grace. Our church is one that holds to the Carnal Christian or no-Lordship doctrine of salvation. I consider this false teaching of which I can no longer be a part. But my husband is still very involved, good friends with the pastor, and does not see this as I do. I really need your help, it seems I have 3 choices, one, I stay and continue to belong to this church. Two, leave, and do not go to church at all. Three, find another church on my own. All of these are against scripture and I really have been very grieved over this. I have looked up scriptures and prayed and fasted constantly over this. I have no one to ask for advice. All the people at church are telling me I am abandoning my husband and the Brethern. Please, please could you give me advice, I am so torn as to what I should do!! I really am so grateful for Grace Community Church.

5. What is the question that you get tired the most of the hearing as a pastor? Answer: Questions about the unpardonable sin.