Former Atheist Now Pastoring Church in Las Vegas

Category: Testimonies

Nick shares how the Lord redeemed him out of atheism and brought him to Christ, and eventually guided him and additional brothers to establish a church in one of the darkest parts of Las Vegas.

0:00 – Introduction
2:24 – Testimony of salvation.
8:31 – A burden for missionary work.
12:14 – Planting a church in Las Vegas.
20:15 – God was saving people.
24:36 – Who would want to live in Las Vegas?
27:11 – The church meets in a dark part of town.
29:21 – What does church life look like?
32:31 – Sharing about the impact Grace Community Church had on him.
34:19 – Question – What is next for the church?
36:22 – Question – What other needs do you need to be supplied?
39:18 – Closing prayer.