The Truth of the Roman Catholic Church

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Let’s think about the Roman Catholic Church for a second. The Roman Catholic Church sets Mary forth as a mediatrix. This isn’t even in question, I’m a former nominal Catholic, but it’s not even in question, if you’ve once walked in the Catholic ranks. That Mary is honored and worshiped way above Christ. She is counted more special, more worthy of honor. She’s counted as the one who is gracious and merciful and the tender one that you can go to. And that’s the way I viewed her.

Mary is not a co-mediatrix, Christ alone is our Savior. And the thing is the Roman Catholic Church does not teach salvation by grace through faith. They teach salvation by works and you have to do things to earn your way to heaven. It is a it is diametrically opposed to the Gospel.

The Roman Catholic Church has sought to take the Bible, throughout history, the dark ages were called the dark ages because the Roman Catholic Church took the Bible out of the common man’s hand. They gladly put everything into Latin so that the common man could not understand, could not interpret, could not read for himself. Throughout history the Roman Catholic Church has put to death Christians who were found possessing the Bible in their own language.

I mean if we look at the the wickedness of the priesthood, even as it’s come as it’s become clearer just in our own country in these last years; but if you study the history you look at the Inquisition you look at the Christians that they have put to death through the years. If you look at the way they’ve tampered with the Word of God and their doctrine of purgatory. Their doctrine of purgatory says that even after all the good that you’ve done in this world if you get to the end you still have to go into flames and pay the remainder. That is such an attack on the finished, and complete work of Jesus Christ on the cross.  If I trust in Christ, and it is finished and His one sacrifice has justified me in the sight of God; there is no place for purgatory whatsoever. Purgatory is self payment it is not Christ’s payment. It is at odds and diametrically opposed to true Christianity, Biblical Christianity, at numerous major points.

Yes they might claim they believe in a Trinity, but they really don’t. They believe in and Father, mother, Son and Holy Spirit and that mother, she is worshiped in the top spot in the top place she’s given preeminence and she’s prayed too. And they pray to the Saints and they’ve even messed around with the second commandment and they would have us to believe that it is OK to worship graven images.

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